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Picture Day Update & Schedule

by Chilliwack Minor Hockey Association, 2018-10-23T15:24:08.000-07:00October 23 2018, at 03:24 PM PDT

Date: Saturday Oct 27th. Check schedule for your time.

  • Wear full gear. No helmets or neck guards.
  • Everyone brings their own sticks.
  • You cannot wear anything green. If you have green on your sticks or green laces they must be covered over with black tape.
  • Everyone gets a free memory mate.
  • Everyone needs to fill out an order form even if they aren’t ordering extra pictures.
  • Order forms will be in the lockers.

Please check in at the desk in the front lobby. They will tell you where to take your team.
Either Rink 1 or Rink 2

Have your team there 1/2 before your scheduled time. We will be on time.

There is NO DRESSING IN THE LOBBY. Not enough room for people to move from rink to rink and its a fire hazard.

There are NO Dressing rooms available. Your team must dress by the bleachers or by the side doors. Wait there for your team to be called.

Must fill out the white sheet that comes in the order form package in full prior to your time. Players line up in the order of the list on that sheet. Either alphabetically or numerically.

Picture Day Schedule 2018

9:00am Hockey 4.4
9:09am Hockey 4.5
9:18am PeeWee C4
9:27am Atom C1
9:36am Hockey 4.1
9:45am Hockey 2.1
9:54am Hockey 2.2
10:03am Atom A1
10:12am Bantam A1
10:21am Atom C2
10:30am Atom C3
10:39am Atom C5
10:48am PeeWee A4
10:57am Hockey 4.3

11:06-11:21 BREAK

11:21am Hockey 4.2
11:30am Hockey 2.3
11:39am PeeWee C1
11:48am Hockey 1.1
11:57am Hockey 1.2
12:06pm Hockey 3.1
12:15pm Bantam C3
12:24pm Hockey 3.3
12:33pm Hockey 3.4
12:42pm Hockey 3.2
12:51pm Atom C4

1:00-1:30 LUNCH

1:30pm PeeWee A2
1:39pm PeeWee C3
1:48pm Atom A3
1:57pm Atom A2
2:06pm Atom Female
2:15pm Bantam C4
2:24pm PeeWee A1
2:33pm OPEN
2:42pm Midget A2
2:51pm PeeWee C5
3:00pm Bantam C2
3:09pm PeeWee C2

3:18-3:33pm BREAK

3:33pm PeeWee A3
3:51pm Juvenile A1
4:00pm Midget C6
4:09pm Midget C1
4:18pm Midget C3
4:27pm Bantam A3
4:36pm Midget A1
4:45pm Midget C2
5:00pm Midget C4
5:09pm Midget C5
5:18pm Bantam C1
5:27pm Juvenile C1
5:36pm Bantam C5

Past Announcements

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Attention Atom & Peewee Parents

2018-09-25 08:06 PDT by Chilliwack Minor Hockey Association

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