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Congratulations Midget C4 – with a 5-0 win in the finale!

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Posted by Chilliwack Minor Hockey Association at Nov 21, 2017 8:15AM PST

Picture Day NOV 25th 2017

9:30am PeeWee C3
9:39am Atom C1
9:48am Atom C2
9:57am Hockey 2.1
10:06am Hockey 2.2
10:15am Atom C5
10:24am Hockey 3.1
10:33am Atom C3
10:42am Hockey 3.3
10:51am Hockey 4.2
11:00am PeeWee C7
11:09am Hockey 4.4
11:18am PeeWee C5
11:27am Hockey 4.3
11:36a— 11:51am Break
11:51am Hockey 4.1
12:00pm Hockey 3.4
12:09pm Hockey 3.2
12:18pm Hockey 2.4
12:27pm PeeWee C4
12:36pm Hockey 2.3
12:45pm Hockey 1.1
12:54pm Hockey 1.2
1:03pm Atom A3
1:12pm PeeWee A1
1:21pm Bantam A1
1:30pm—2:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Atom A1
2:09pm Atom A2
2:18pm PeeWee A3
2:27pm Midget C2
2:36pm Bantam C5
2:45pm Bantam C3
2:54pm Bantam C1
3:03pm Bantam C2
3:12pm Bantam C4
3:21pm Bantam A2
3:30pm Midget C6
3:39pm Midget C5
3:48pm PeeWee C2
3:57pm—4:12pm Break
4:12pm Midget C3
4:21pm Midget C1
4:30pm Midget A1
4:39pm Juvenile C1
4:48pm Juvenile A1

NOV 28 + Retakes

7:00pm Bantam A3
7:09pm PeeWee A2
7:18pm Atom Female
7:27pm Atom C4
7:36pm PeeWee C1
7:45pm PeeWee C6
7:54pm Midget C4
8:03pm Midget A3
8:12pm Midget A2

Chilliwack Chiefs and Chilliwack MHA Join Forces

In Valley Hockey Development Programs*

The Chilliwack Chiefs and Chilliwack Minor Hockey Association announced today that they have again joined forces to promote and encourage the development of hockey skills for both males and female athletes in the Upper Fraser Valley. After several years of changes and disconnect to hockey in our community, the Chiefs have reactivated their sponsorship of Chilliwack MHA and have pledged to support skill development programs within and outside the set Chilliwack MHA schedule of activities. This revitalization has been a primary goal of Executive Director Brian Maloney; Chilliwack MHA is reworking all levels of Minor hockey in our community and is working together with Chiefs Head Coach and General Manager Jason Tatarnic to develop extracurricular programs aimed at improving specific player skills as well as team play, strength, conditioning and understanding of the game. Programs will include off-ice activities centered in the Chiefs Hockey Development Centre at Prospera Centre including the exclusive access to both the Rapid Shot machine and Xceed Training programs and protocols.

“Our programs offered to Minor Hockey members will give them not only higher skill levels but also more appreciation for the fun and comradeship that makes hockey so great,” said Tatarnic. __ “We will also work with CMHA coaches to encourage consistent teaching and game performance protocols from Atom through Bantam levels.”__

Maloney also announced that in the spirit of this close connection and Chilliwack MHA’s appreciation for the Chiefs’ monetary sponsorship, the A1 Bantam Team will be identified with the Chiefs. At the same time, he said, every Chilliwack Chiefs player has been assigned as an “Honorary Captain” for each team in the divisions of Initiation 4, Atom, and Peewee. As Honorary Captains, Chiefs players will interact with those teams and their players on a regular basis.

“We are extremely proud to commence this new era of cooperation and mutual support for our BCHL Championship team and the boys, girls, coaches and team volunteers that make up Chilliwack Minor,” Maloney said.

The revitalization of the relationship will be celebrated at the Chiefs’ November 18 game which has been designated Minor Hockey Night. For that game – vs the Nanaimo Clippers – every adult ticket sold to or by CMHA members will return $4 to Chilliwack MHA.


With our 60th Anniversary this season – Chilliwack MHA also launched its new look, moving to a logo that reflected our community and completed our journey in finding our visual identify.

The Chilliwack MHA Board of Directors also created new policy around our visual identify and has also worked with community partners in ensuring our apparel would be available at specific suppliers.

Chilliwack MHA is pleased to share that teams can obtain team apparel and supplies at the following vendors:

Greystone is our provider for tracksuits, jackets and dry-land gear
Gidney is our provider for helmet decals (CSA approved)
LAGRA sports is our provider for Jerseys, socks & Name-bars and can be ordered through our equipment manager (
Cheam Sports is our official provider for all equipment, not to mention our longest standing sponsor!
(Cheam also socks in our colours available)

Chilliwack MHA is requiring that only these vendors are used for our apparel and team needs. If you have any questions or concerns please speak with your divisional coordinators or Director.


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